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Chef Eve

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My journey started about 8 years ago when I watched my mother go through her health transformation. She would cook these delicious healthy meals and share them with me; how she made it, why she was making different food choices & I could just see this overall mind, body, soul transformation my mother was embarking on and was truly inspired. I found it absolutely incredible how impactful choosing food that truly fueled, nourished & energized you could be! This sparked my interest and curiosity on health and wellness so much that I took it upon myself to Major in Nutrition and Food Science with a minor in Psychology at Montclair State University. The program was spectacular! My favorite part was being assigned case studies as a project for clients with diabetes, celiac disease, colitis, high blood pressure, you name it. With a limited amount of time, I would have to design and customize meals for these unique case studies and sometimes for large groups. I always found the pressure of time exciting because it was a challenge (I love a good challenge!). I enjoyed getting creative with designing meals that had specific limitations because it forced me to think outside of the box when it came to food. Not to mention being able to eat the food in the end, all in all this is where I discovered my love for food and cooking. I continued my journey post-graduation working at gyms as a fitness trainer & nutrition coach. I continued designing meal plans for people, hosting potlucks, hosting live cooking and nutrition seminars for over 100’s of people. Being a wellness educator and coach, I feel the responsibility to continue leveling up my education and have also explored the mental and emotional components of wellness. I became obsessed with mastering the art of nutrition. Over the years, I learned wellness isn’t just food and the impact of food isn’t just nutrition. A combination of our relationship to ourselves, to our environment and to food determines our general well-being and quality of life. By understanding the many elements of nutrition I have been able to make lasting impactful changes on my clients, myself, family and friends over the years.

What People Say

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Heidi Mestanza - Fisk Alloy - Sr. HR Business Partner

"The portions are perfect and the meals are delicious. EvesEats has helped me reach my weight loss goals while staying full. I get all the protein and whole foods I need during the day and it works! I'm grateful to eat meals that are prepped with love and nutrition in mind."

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Anthony Ciarlo - Paramus Chevrolet General Sales Manager

"The meals are perfect for my goals. The meals change every drop-off, which allows for a perfect variety and choice. Always fresh, portions are just right and Evelyn's attention to details are what keeps me loyal. She's responsive and always on time with delivery. Highly recommend EvesEats to anyone looking to shed weight the right way with delicious options. I've been a customer for at least 6 months... extremely happy!"

Bridgette Caicedo - Owner of B_Curls

"EvesEats has saved my busy life. It's given me balance and consistency. The food gives me energy and fuels me with the nutrition that I'm missing. I'm so happy I made the choice the better my life!!"

"I have more energy, I kept my weight the way I wanted to. All positive things that I was hoping to accomplish and she’s helped me a lot with a new lifestyle that I’m grateful for"
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